Progressive American Party

It is no secret, the current system in Washington is broken, an inexcusable disaster fraught with corrupt practices.  The handful of members of congress who believe as we do are shackled by the current power structure that caters to some of the wealthy, corporations, banksters and other lobbyists providing favors to politicians for favors in return.

Wealth is not the problem.  Buying congressmen is the problem.  One very important distinction we must remember is that many of the top 1% are perfectly honorable, generous people.  However, a portion of the 1% are buying our politicians’ votes.  Unbelievably, some corporations and banksters are actually writing the bills that the Congressmen then simply vote on & sign into law. Not surprisingly, these laws do not favor 99% of Americans.

We are forming a fresh, new political party that will clean up & clear out Washington and transfer power back to the people from the corporate owned politicians and US Supreme Court. Your life and the lives of your children, grandchildren and their descendants are on the verge of catastrophic decline.  That decline has already begun.

We will reverse this trend by placing honorable representatives in Washington, ones who you vote into power.  If elected, these new Congressmen, President & VP will sign a “Contract with the American People”. We welcome members of all parties who share our values.

We can do this!  A recent Gallup poll shows that 42% of registered voters consider themselves Independents.  The number of registered voters who consider themselves Democrats has declined to 31%, the lowest in 25 years.  The number of registered voters who consider themselves Republicans has declined to 24%, the lowest since 1983.  NOW is the time to elect progressive Americans to Reclaim America for all of us.  Please join us.

The Progressive American Party is the new, emerging political party that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people.  Reclaiming America and the Progressive American Party (PAP) will create a historical trend reversal in politics, i.e., TRANSPARENCY, TRUTH, CAMPAIGN FINANCE AND POLITICAL LOBBYING REFORM and a host of other measures intended to Reclaim America for the People…, all of us!  We will reboot Americans’ dreams and engender global peace and prosperity.  Will Reclaiming America and the Progressive American Party disrupt the current political agendas? Absolutely!

Join us and become a critical part of this monumental undertaking to return our Country to our founding fathers’ original visions that embody: TRUTH, INTELLIGENT POLICIES, LIBERTY, EQUALITY and JUSTICE FOR ALL AMERICANS.

Once you join us, we will keep you informed of our progress.  Please read on.  Your family and everyone in America & the world are depending on every one of us to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America may be found via the following links. Read them and it will become clear that politicians DO NOT abide by these founding documents.  Equally disturbing and a dangerous threat to our freedom is that the Supreme Court of the United States of America (9 people!) answers to NO ONE!  And, once appointed to the Supreme Court, these nine people are in power for life unless they are impeached by the House of Representatives AND the Senate!

Declaration of Independence

Constitution of the United States

Bill of Rights

The Reclaiming America and Progressive American Party movement will continue to evolve. Please check back with us periodically.  The future of your family, the global population and Planet Earth depend on all of us.  Please read our core beliefs & join us.

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